Sunday, March 6, 2011

Presidents Day at the Beav

 Father and Son Face Shots on the Backside with Tom and Alex

 Alex showing Pops how it is done

Tom getting Air on the backside.  We've seen this before.  Many times.
 Roh Oh. I don't remember seeing this before.

  Hmmm, moments ago I had two skis.  Now I only see one.
Notice his ski tip is clearly visible above on the far right, but it is still moving and eventually slides underneath the snow and out of sight.

Fortunately for Tom, his spotter, some kid named Alex, points out the missing ski (it's that dark speck 5 feet below Alex).   

 Clark showing Sam the way.

Yup, Sam can do anything


Shelly is in deep and looking great!
 "Clark, this is how it's done"
Some of the Crew.  Mike Nyman, Bill, Tom, Clark, Sam and Alex (L-R)

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