Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chalk Creek Road Race - Utah State Championship

July 24, 2009.  This one hurt.  Many of the top Masters 55+ showed up for this race because is also served as the State Championship race.  Hey, who doesn't want to be a State Champ.  I certainly did. 

Here's the course description:  The 50 mile race starts at North Summit High School and heads East up Border Station Road until it connects to Chalk Creek Road with a right hand turn then continues East to the corner of Utah & Wyoming for the 50 mile groups. You will continue on back to the High School by way of Main Street before going up Chalk Creek Road by way of Border Station Road. The finish is up N. Industrial Park Road past the Cemetery.

Dave Lange joined me for the race as part of his Lotoja Prep.  About 25 of us lined up at the start.  The first 6 miles out of town is up hill and includes several rollers.  Soon the group was down to about 13, then there were 12- including me but on the last of the rollers, I couldn't hold on so the final selection of 11 rider were off on a 19 mile ride up the valley floor. Had I been able to hold on for only another 100K, I think I could have stayed with the group until the end.

I suffered on my own out to the turn around at the Wyoming border and then hooked up with Matt, a Cat 4 from Porcupine who I'd ridden with a couple of times before and also a young kid named Brian from Canyon.  Both had been popped off the Cat 4's.  Matt because he couldn't hold on and Brian because he'd dropped his chain.  Brian was super strong and did all the work.  Matt finally cramped and popped off leaving me to hold on with Brian.  I spent a lot of time telling him how powerful he was and as a result of my kissing up to him, he was alright with me sitting on.  Finally about 3 miles from the finish, I spotted another rider from my group (he got popped before me, but latched on to the Cat 4's and passed me on the way to Wyoming) and as Brian hit the wall I shouted, "thanks for the pull", then I blew by my fellow M55+ and tried to out race him to the finish.  At the right hand turn at the cemetery, the guy caught me and ended up winning a sprint for 12th and 13th.

Oh, well, 13th place and a couple of good grand-kids waiting at the finish made for a perfect day!

Dave Lange followed me in a few minutes later.

Jack and Lily showed up (along with their dad) to cheer me on at the finish.