Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hanging out in the Garage

I spent a stormy Saturday hanging out in the garage.  It took all day but I 'successfully' installed a 4'x16' storage rack over my garage door.  For now it is the final resting place for some classic race skis before they are sacrificed into Adirondack chairs or coat racks.  

 Chair on the left has some of my own personal race skis.  The green Olin Mark VI were my first post mission skis and first sub 200cm ski since 7th grade.  It would be another 20 years before I ventured back to a sub-200cm ski. I found the Rossi ST 650's at the Logan City Dump while unloading a truck load of drywall trash.  Their life as my rock skis was short-lived as I blew out 3 of the 4 edges landing on a rock at Snowbird.  The Pink Volkl P9's were purchased from Tom at the Sportsman before he opened Norda's - which brought me back to Dynastars including the black Tommy Moe CMG's