Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winter Finally Arrives

 John dropping in on Violator Bowl, near the base of Gad II.  Looks just like the original JWE - "only different"
 Thanksgiving 1978 or 79, I ducked under the ropes and was right about here when I caught some air, landed on a rock and blew out 3 of 4 edges right under the boot on my Rossi ST650s
  While John hugged the rope line, I dropped in between the rocks.  There is nothing more satisfying than a day filled with face shots!

Who gets credit for this smile?  A. John's dentist and orthodontist?  B. Storm total of 30+" with 13" new overnight?  C. Good genes?  If you guessed B, you win.

 Bananas Bowl - right side drop off Gadzooks back toward GAD II lift

  Perfect day to test out my new White coat.  There are not a lot of coats that work with my volcano pants. I predict my fashion conscious bros and wife will approve of this color combo over a few others I've tried...

 Someone has to make first tracks.  Might as well be me.