Sunday, March 6, 2011

Group Ride with the Boys in the OC

The boys rolling out at 0700 from Tait's home in Oak Creek.  We did a fun run through Santiago Canyon.  After reloading our water bottles Tait, Nate, James, Corte and I did a Laguna Canyon loop. 70 miles was a long day in the saddle for me.  The sky was blue, the temp was 50 at the start and mid-70's by the time we finished at 11:30.  Most of the guys had knee/arm warmers, but I was happy to have my arms and legs warmed by the sun, even with the cool temps at the start.
Shayne, James and Matt. Shayne is working with Skull Candy on their IPO and was sporting their new company kit for 2011.  Looks like they moved away from their old Liquigas green kits.
The All-Blacks from New Zealand? Nope, just Scott and Corte sporting their 2010 Sho-Air kits
Tait and Tyson.  First ride with them since LOTOJA

Nate and Corte. It looks like Corte may be checking out Nate's technique for pushing me up hills. Corte perfected this years ago pushing me up Torrey Pines Hill after I bonked on a 100 mile ride to San Diego that included a 20 mile team time trial through Camp Pendleton - from which I never recovered.

Salt of the earth. Both are LDS Bishops, surfers, skiers, cyclists and ATTORNEYS.  What would we do without them? Steve in Gen 2 ssRcc/quiksilver/Norda's jersey.  Mark in the gen 3 Norda's jersey.  True to their roots.

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