Monday, February 16, 2009

RNR Woodbury Ride

Rock 'N Road has a great Saturday ride that started up just before Christmas. The first half of the ride is a fast paced ride through Santiago Canyon followed by some food, drink and socializing at the Woodbury RNR shop before heading out on second 34 mile loop through Shady Canyon, over Newport Coast to PCH and back to Irvine via Laguna Canyon.

This week they posted a reminder about the ride that included a photo of Patrick and me sitting outside the shop during the mid-ride break a couple of weeks ago. This is the photo that is going to get me back to the gym and into the pool in an attempt to loose a few of these off season pounds.

For those who enjoy listening to Jim Rome, Patrick has a fun story he related a few weeks ago about his experience with Rome early one morning in Shady Canyon. While on a ride before the sun came up, Patrick was cut off by an unknown driver who may have rolled through a stop sign. An obscene jester exchange might have been the end of the story, but later that day, Patrick was listening in to AM sports talk radio and Rome was ranting about how cyclist think they own the road and related the experience he had earlier that morning - which was all about Patrick. He tried in vain to call in and tell his side of the story. So the next time you hear Rome ranting about how much he hates cyclists, you can blame at least part of it on Patrick.

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